Split into two sub divisions, Coombs Contractors is a fully accredited organisation that covers a wide range of services to the construction industry

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About us


Coombs Contractors Ltd (Formaly Coombs Construction Services Ltd) was founded by brothers Ross and Andrew Coombs in April, 2015. The brothers from Nelson, South Wales have a huge passion for all aspects of construction, Fencing and Landscaping.

Coombs Contractors Ltd is a fully accredited organisation that covers a wide range of services to the construction industry, Split into two sub divisions Coombs Construction Services and Coombs Fencing & Landscaping.

As a family run company we believe in commitment, trust and passion and apply these values to create a professional first class service. We believe passionately in the quality of our service and Coombs Contractors Ltd aims to deliver outstanding results through effective construction practices and good work ethics.


Due to the success and standards Andrew has set throughout his professional rugby career, we are fortunate to have onboard the best tradesmen South Wales has to offer due to the trust they have placed in Coombs Contractors to continue to demand the highest of standards to achieve excellent results.


By combining the skills of these tradesmen, we know Coombs Contractors can provide the very highest quality in terms of the work we produce on site and in our management approach.  We will maintain open and honest dialogue, transparency in our negotiations and above all else achieve complete client satisfaction by delivering projects on time, within budget and to an exceptional quality.


We’re always trying to create the best possible working environment and Coombs Contractors has a strong Health and Safety culture, which comes from the owners and senior management and permeates throughout the whole business.


 Commercial and Domestic 

 Fencing and Landscaping Specialists 


 Commercial and Domestic 

 Construction Specialists 

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Coombs Contractors Ltd - Registered in Wales No. 09606104